4 Reasons Why You Should Develop The Mindset of an Intern

4 Reasons Why You Should Develop The Mindset of an Intern

1. Interns are always learning:

Interns are so eager to learn and will do whatever it takes to understand things that they don’t already know. Unfortunately, most people that get jobs or graduate lose this desire to learn. Why? Because they feel that period of their life is over. But life is full of experiences that will keep you learning whether you would like to… or not. As an intern, I remember wanting to learn as much as I could! Staying late into the night, working weekend shifts- I wanted it all. But as time goes on, it’s easy to feel adequately accomplished, prepared…exalted eventhis is far from the truth. Why? Those who are successful have humbled themselves through continuous learning.

2. Interns are driven and ambitious:

I have an intern right now and let me tell you- she is enthusiastic and willing to take on ANY challenging project I give her! I am in the social media industry and I gave her the task of creating a custom built Facebook tab that had videos, images, and links. She has never coded before or been taught how to use HTML but she found a way to do it and it was a success. That’s what I call determination! Why is this possible? It’s because she’s driven by a goal, a new technique, a potential job, or the opportunity to develop her skills. She doesn’t tremble in a corner when I give her a new task because even if she fails- she understands that it’s part of the “learning process”. Interns are not afraid of making mistakes because they figure, what is there to lose? So what about us? Do we continue to drive ourselves toward our goals or do we settle and recline our IKEA desk chairs into stagnation? If we want to be ambitious toward our goals, we have to find what drives us.

3. Interns ask questions:

Interns are placed in a unique situation; most are doing something in which they need help to gain proficiency. They benefit the most from an internship by asking questions and being inquisitive. The interns that don’t ask questions limit their knowledge scope. Once we get our diploma, training certificate, or license- it’s easy to think we got it all covered and don’t need to ask questions. Are we too prideful? Do we need to inhale a heaping slice of humble pie (…with whip cream)? Could our advanced learning be crippling us? I believe it’s all the above (the pie is just an added benefit). Because an intern that wants to succeed will ask all the questions they can, keep a humble attitude, and not become complacent. Why don’t we do the same thing with our jobs, spouses, families, businesses, and other areas of our lives? Asking questions shows that you want to develop skill in a given area- if you are not the concerned with improvement, you will not ask questions. Let’s ask more questions in our lives and increase our knowledge and understanding like never before.

4. Interns work passionately and for free:

Next time you get a chance observe a motivated intern that is working for an organization, see what you can learn. I’m sure you will see a passionate guy or girl that is not concerned about the short term gains but instead focused on long term. I remember when I interned at a TV station, I would come so early and leave so late that they would have to force me to go home. I cherished every moment and held onto every piece of advice I was given. And even though I was not getting paid like the employees at the station, my hunger was greater than theirs because they were too familiar with their jobs. Familiarity can stifle your passion because your actions become routine and you no longer desire progression. So let your passion fuel you to progression.

Recap: Let’s get it into our minds that we are going to learn like never before, be driven like never before, ask questions like we never have, and be driven by passion. With this mindset how can anything hinder us? I’m going to leave you with this scripture: Prov 24:3-4 (NIV) “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.”

It is through knowledge that we can construct the rooms of beautiful treasures in this life we build. Let’s develop the mindset of an intern for a lifetime.

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