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1,000 Facebook Fans in 60 Days

1000 Fans in 60 Days

Are you struggling to build a successful, engaging Facebook audience? 1,000 Facebook Fans in 60 Days is the ideal course to help you master Facebook marketing and build a strong, receptive audience. This information-packed course is perfect for business owners, startups, nonprofits, brands and other organizations looking to grow a strong fan base. This is the only Facebook course of its kind, with a live day-by-day tutorial, demonstrating how to obtain 1,000 fans. You will learn every facet of Facebook, and I will build a brand new Facebook page, from beginning to end, to show you how to transform zero fans into 1,000 in just 60 days. Join me in this course, and I will be by your side to help bring Facebook success to your business, organization or brand!