Learn what Kingdom Social Media can do for you.

Kingdom Social Media has many services to take you to the next level.
We exist to solve problems for business owners and ministry leaders who have trouble maximizing the ever changing social media landscape. We do this by providing 3 distinct services. First we provide courses such as the Facebook course “1,000 Facebook Fans in 60 Days” which is designed for those that want to take the time to learn social media and achieve results at their own pace. Second we provide consulting which is where we take over part of your social media presence by doing the research, creating the content, and managing aspects of your presence so that you or your organization don’t have to. Lastly we provide coaching which is conducted one-on one to train you and give you guidance on the areas where you or your organization want a deeper understanding. We realize that some organizations have different levels of understanding when it comes to social media so in efforts to meet you where you are we offer these three options.

  • Social Media Consulting
  • Social Media Coaching
  • Social Media Courses

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