The 5 Step Guide for Installing Instagram for Business

The 5 Step Guide for Installing Instagram for Business

First of all it is important to know what Instagram is, if you don’t know already.

Instagram launched in October 2010, and created an app that would give users the ability to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and share it on a variety of social networks. Then in April 2012 Facebook made their biggest acquisition yet to purchase Instagram for 1 billion dollars! If Facebook sees the value in it for their business so should you for your business. With the 50 million plus users on Instagram you will be sure to find your target audience. With that said lets get your Instagram Business Profile launched!

Step 1 – Go to your Mobile device and download Instagram from your App store whether it’s Android or the Apple App Store.


Step 2 – Make Sure you have Facebook Pages installed for Mobile as well as Twitter for Mobile

Optional Tip: Use the same handle, that you use for Twitter on your Instagram, it makes posting flow smother


Step 3 – (This is where it gets tricky) Next you will want to sign out of your personal Facebook and login with your new Facebook Page profile. Then go to your Instagram page and click the button that says “Sharing Settings.” As you click this it will give you the option to link your social networks. Linking Twitter is fairly simple you just need to be logged into your Twitter account.

To link Facebook make sure your in the Facebook Pages app and then choose the button that says “post to” Instagram will then ask for authorization to post to your wall, give access and then you will be directed back to Instagram from Facebook. Next you will pick your Facebook page that you want Instagram to link to and you should be almost ready to go.

settings1 settings2 settings3 settings4

Step 4 – Choose a picture to use for your company logo and now your ready to go. Be sure to check out our Instagram page @TerraCycle and double tap our pics!


Step 5 – Start Posting your Instagram Pics!


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